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Back to the Future: The Construction of James Anderson

Dasun Shakana is not a man who often struggles to hit a cricket ball. In January, he scored 123 off 46 balls in a domestic Twenty20 match, striking sixteen sixes. In his T20 career, he’s hit 58 sixes in 35 … Continue reading

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Doosra Détente: Where Next For England and Pakistan?

Three grainy images encapsulate the last thirty years of cricket between England and Pakistan. Mike Gatting and Shakoor Rana, jabbing fingers aligned, frustration and affront written across their respective faces. Nasser Hussain and Graham Thorpe jubilant, their whites lit brightly … Continue reading

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The Artisan Batsman

Nowadays, William Morris is associated with wallpaper and fabric, the stately foliage of middle class homes. Few remember his commitment to revolutionary socialism, best embodied in his novel News from Nowhere, where he imagines life in a post-revolution Arcadia-on-Thames. For … Continue reading

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The English Condition

As another summer of cricket in England begins, so little seems to have changed. The County Championship has started; club cricketers dig out the mouldering kit in the loft; the Ashes loom as the defining feature of the season. English … Continue reading

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The Accidental Radical: How Kevin Pietersen Challenged English Cricket’s Invented Traditions

Any good British political drama has a dodgy dossier, and the ongoing conflict between Kevin Pietersen and his erstwhile employers at the ECB is no different. There can be no doubt that it is political argument, revolving around representation, power … Continue reading

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Before The First Ball

My entry for the Wisden Writing Competition, written mainly during the first session of the Ashes. It was about as good as it got… Freeze. High blue skies, streaked with scudding cloud. Antipodean heat and baked earth. Early summer. A … Continue reading

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The Murderous Magic of Mitch

Some of my first exposure to cricket’s rich history came from an interesting source – a video presented by Dickie Bird called Greatest Cricketing Moments And Silliest Points! Dickie wandered around a deserted Headingley introducing clips of classic cricket such … Continue reading

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The Dying Light: England, West Indies and a Forgotten Test

“So I wanted to prove these guys wrong, prove that I am a soldier where the bat is concerned. Wherever the fight is, I’m going to be fighting. I didn’t want to be rude to anyone, but anyone who is … Continue reading

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Limited Vision: Alex Salmond’s Lack of Ambition

Alex Salmond’s White Paper, presenting the case for Scottish independence, has been infected with the malaise of British politics. His argument has become reductive and staid, a discussion of percentages, be they numbers of swing voters or packages of national … Continue reading

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What Royal Baby Says About Us

The really odd thing about “Royal Baby” – as yet unnamed – is the level of fuss about, well, not very much. There is no ceremony like the royal wedding, no procession to watch like the Jubilee. It is celebration … Continue reading

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