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The Artisan Batsman

Nowadays, William Morris is associated with wallpaper and fabric, the stately foliage of middle class homes. Few remember his commitment to revolutionary socialism, best embodied in his novel News from Nowhere, where he imagines life in a post-revolution Arcadia-on-Thames. For … Continue reading

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The English Condition

As another summer of cricket in England begins, so little seems to have changed. The County Championship has started; club cricketers dig out the mouldering kit in the loft; the Ashes loom as the defining feature of the season. English … Continue reading

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The Accidental Radical: How Kevin Pietersen Challenged English Cricket’s Invented Traditions

Any good British political drama has a dodgy dossier, and the ongoing conflict between Kevin Pietersen and his erstwhile employers at the ECB is no different. There can be no doubt that it is political argument, revolving around representation, power … Continue reading

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Before The First Ball

My entry for the Wisden Writing Competition, written mainly during the first session of the Ashes. It was about as good as it got… Freeze. High blue skies, streaked with scudding cloud. Antipodean heat and baked earth. Early summer. A … Continue reading

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“You’re Getting Sacked in the Morning”: Cricket Coaching’s Cultural Shift

You can always tell once the eyes go. As England’s middle order dissipated for the final time in Sydney, the Channel Nine cameras focused in on a harrowed looking man in England kit. Not a departed batsman or the captain, … Continue reading

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The Murderous Magic of Mitch

Some of my first exposure to cricket’s rich history came from an interesting source – a video presented by Dickie Bird called Greatest Cricketing Moments And Silliest Points! Dickie wandered around a deserted Headingley introducing clips of classic cricket such … Continue reading

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On Warne: review

As the Ashes preparation ends and the Brisbane toss looms, the man who has defined the embryonic series isn’t a player or a coach. Instead one commentator has repeatedly stolen the headlines, cajoling England, seeking to undermine the certainty of … Continue reading

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A Palpable Hit! DRS and Its Discontents

“A hit, a very palpable hit”! As Hamlet and Laertes lunge and parry to their unknowing deaths, one man stands apart from the pride, deception and murderous intrigue. Osric the courtier judges, casting the deciding verdict when the two fighters … Continue reading

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Ashes Trauma: The Fear of Australian Resurgence

Brad Haddin has only won two Ashes test matches. That number sounds surprising because at Trent Bridge he scared England. He dragged his team to the brink of a record chase with that undefinable Australianness that has the English press … Continue reading

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