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Feeling is the Thing…: review

Sport doesn’t lend itself to the surreal. Yes, the comic, the incongruous, the miraculous even, but not the weird or the unreal. Even then, great sport tends to the elevated rather than the transcendental. The structures that make games workable, … Continue reading

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The Artisan Batsman

Nowadays, William Morris is associated with wallpaper and fabric, the stately foliage of middle class homes. Few remember his commitment to revolutionary socialism, best embodied in his novel News from Nowhere, where he imagines life in a post-revolution Arcadia-on-Thames. For … Continue reading

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Writing the Landscape

I planned this piece in a Moleskine notebook. You see racks of them in most bookshops nowadays. In the late 1980s, the sole supplier died, supposedly ending the line. Their increasing scarcity had been noted by a British man, Bruce … Continue reading

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Playing the Part

Peter Siddle’s bowling style would seem to reveal much about the man. His charge to the crease, efficient action and batsman-bothering follow through are those of the quintessentially Australian fast bowler, heir to Hogg and Hughes, more than Lindwall and … Continue reading

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Mountains of the Mind (with apologies to Robert Macfarlane)

Zahir article number three, this time on mountains in culture. It is difficult to define what makes climbing a mountain so exhilarating. Perhaps it is simply the relief of the summit, the rest after a long slog uphill. More likely … Continue reading

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