Other Pieces

Some pieces I have written that have featured elsewhere:

“White Line Fever”, Alternative Cricket, September 2013

“The Parks”, 500 Reasons to Love Cricket, January 2014

“Can England learn?”, Mailer Report, February 2014                                                    “Cricket’s Free Market of Batting“, Mailer Report, February 2014

“Honouring Graeme Smith”, Mailer Report, March 2014

“The Impenetrable Glass Ceiling”, Mailer Report, April 2014

“A New Era for the Three Lions”, Mailer Report, May 2014

“England’s Conundrum Behind the Stumps”, Mailer Report, June 2014                                    “Have England Found Their Mike Hussey?”Mailer Report, June 2014                                   “England’s Chastening Post-Pietersen Malaise”, Mailer Report, June 2014

“No Pulling Power”, Mailer Report, July 2014

“Moeen’s Marvellous Match”, Mailer Report, August 2014                                                          “Does India Care About Test Cricket?”, Mailer Report, August 2014

“Let’s keep the ball talking”ESPNcricinfo, November 2015

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Very generous inclusions from @AltCricket: http://www.thealternativecricketalmanack.com/2014/01/15-cricket-articles-that-we-loved-in-2013/

and @chrisps01:                                         https://chrispscricket.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/a-select-xi-cricket-blog-posts-of-2014/

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Only some of my Zahir pieces are featured on the website, so they are all reproduced in full on this site.


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