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Limited Vision: Alex Salmond’s Lack of Ambition

Alex Salmond’s White Paper, presenting the case for Scottish independence, has been infected with the malaise of British politics. His argument has become reductive and staid, a discussion of percentages, be they numbers of swing voters or packages of national … Continue reading

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On Warne: review

As the Ashes preparation ends and the Brisbane toss looms, the man who has defined the embryonic series isn’t a player or a coach. Instead one commentator has repeatedly stolen the headlines, cajoling England, seeking to undermine the certainty of … Continue reading

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The Faceless Icon

And so he left, amid showers of rose petals and hyperbole. A small man, he should have been inconspicuous in the kaleidoscopic stadium. But they had come for him, to show their devotion, to genuflect before his genius. The crowd … Continue reading

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