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A Palpable Hit! DRS and Its Discontents

“A hit, a very palpable hit”! As Hamlet and Laertes lunge and parry to their unknowing deaths, one man stands apart from the pride, deception and murderous intrigue. Osric the courtier judges, casting the deciding verdict when the two fighters … Continue reading

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Let Our Fame Be Great and The Last Man in Russia: review

On the surface, Sochi and Vorkuta have little in common except lying within Russia’s borders. Sochi is a Black Sea holiday resort, currently receiving billions of roubles in investment before the Winter Olympics is held there next year. Vorkuta is … Continue reading

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Playing the Part

Peter Siddle’s bowling style would seem to reveal much about the man. His charge to the crease, efficient action and batsman-bothering follow through are those of the quintessentially Australian fast bowler, heir to Hogg and Hughes, more than Lindwall and … Continue reading

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